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Tree Climbing, Aerial Rescue & Chainsaw from a Rope and Harness (previously CS38 and CS39) Units 203/204 C&G

Tree work can be very dangerous, and it is essential that you have training in order to ensure that you are fully protected, and aware of all the safety issues. Our basic tree climbing, aerial rescue and use of a chainsaw from rope and harness course will provide you with key information and practical guidance so that you are able to work safely and securely in the trees whilst using a chainsaw.

These courses can be completed individually or consecutively.  Please click below for details for the separate courses:

Basic Tree Climbing and Aerial Rescue – Unit 203 (CS38 as was)

Using a Chainsaw from a Rope and Harness – Unit 204 (CS39 as was)

Who is it for?

Our course is for anyone who works with trees, and needs training in basic tree climbing, aerial rescue and using a chainsaw from a rope and harness. Naturally you will need to be physically fit, not be on medication that could affect your safety in any way, and importantly not suffer from a fear of heights!

You must already have a qualification in Chainsaw Maintenance, Cross Cutting and Felling up to 380mm – units 201 and 202 (CS30 & CS31 as was)

This course provides you with the knowledge and skills needed to be successful in the assessment for the City and Guilds/NTPC Level 2 Award in ‘Tree Climbing and Rescue’ and ‘Using a Chainsaw from a Rope and Harness’. These are now Units 203 and 204 (CS38/CS39 as was)


Course Content

  • Understand the legislation relating to tree climbing and pertaining to the use of a chainsaw from a rope and harness.
  • Identify a range of personal protective equipment
  • Inspect Climbing Harness and Identify Features
  • Tie, dress and set a range of tree climbing knots.
  • Identify hazards and manage the associated risks.
  • Choose appropriate anchor points.
  • Use techniques for safe, efficient ascent and descent.
  • Understand the duties of a competent ground person.
  • Establish safe and comfortable work positions.
  • Understand correct final pruning position and the 1-2-3 method of branch removal.
  • Carry out aerial rescue techniques.
  • Understand the safety considerations to be observed in organising a work site.
  • Carry out pre-start checks to the chainsaw, cold and hot starting techniques.
  • Demonstrate techniques for hauling chainsaws into the tree and attaching them appropriately to the harness.
  • Use appropriate techniques for establishing secure and comfortable work positions.
  • Demonstrate the appropriate use of various step and sink cuts and correct final pruning cuts.
  • Use top-handled and lightweight rear-handled chainsaws in a safe and efficient manner to remove light and medium weight branches.
  • Understand and fulfil the duties and responsibilities of a competent ground person.
Tree Climbing, Aerial Rescue & Chainsaw from a Rope and Harness Course

Course summary


Learners will require...

  • Chainsaw, Top or rear handled
  • Hand saw for tree work
  • PPE
  • Tools, fuel and oil
  • Personal tree climbing equipment.
  • Ropes, karabiners and other equipment for aerial rescue.
  • Personal first aid kit attached to harness.
  • Packed lunch



“This is the best training I have had and I've had a lot of training! The instructor was excellent, explaining things extremely well”
8th November 2023 - Brushcutter

“Instructor did a good job at pushing me to go further than I thought I was capable of going within the course, in both theory aspects and practical.”
17th April 2023 - Tree climbing and aerial rescue (203)

“I can honestly say it was the best training day I have had in a long time. Darryl's ability to deliver training, not only in the classroom but also when we were actually ‘doing’ what we needed to sharpen up on or learn on the machinery, was brilliant. Thank you, I am sure we will be back for some more training.”
13th April 2023 - Telehandler refresher

“You took great care to understand where we were coming from at the outset, made us feel very welcome and that our needs were understood and responded to.”
2nd March 2023 - Chainsaw training

“Course venue - spot on. Materials - spot on. Knowledge and communication skills - second to none - A*. All the equipment that we needed extra was all there - perfect. The training was top notch, met all of my needs.”
22nd December 2022 - Chainsaw maintenance, cross-cutting and felling up to 380mm (201/202)

“Excellent week with Simon. Extremely knowledgeable and approachable. Every question asked was answered and Simon takes the time to explain things in detail on a one on one basis if you are struggling. 100% would recommend Simon as an instructor.”
22nd December 2022 - Chainsaw maintenance, cross-cutting and felling up to 380mm (201/202)

“Great knowledge and training - Zak made things easy to understand and always gave you his time. Thank you”
12th December 2022 - Tree climbing, aerial rescue, and chainsaw from a rope and harness (204/204)

“My confidence has grown massively over the week - great instructor (Simon), approachable and explained everything well. Thank you. ”
8th December 2022 - Chainsaw maintenance, cross-cutting and felling up to 380mm (201/202)

“Morton's chainsaw training exceeded expectations. James is an excellent trainer, hugely knowledgeable, an excellent communicator and made a wet and cold week hugely enjoyable!”
25th November 2022 - Chainsaw maintenance, cross-cutting and felling up to 380mm (201/202)

“I was wondering if you could let our trainer at the last telehandler /Slinger/Signaller training that our installation of Xmas Trees at the hospitals was text book and went like a dream. We could not have undertaken this work without your support and the instructors tutelage. ”
5th November 2019 - Slinger/Signaller and Telehandler


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