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General Winching Theory and Practice Lantra ITA

Our General Winching Theory and Practice course, aims to give candidates the practical knowledge they need to understand health and safety requirements, best practice and risk assessment in relation to the vehicle mounted or hand operated winch, making sure they are aware of the risks when using this equipment, so safe working practices can be implemented.

Who is it for?

If you are required to operate, or are going to operate a hand or mechanical winch on or off the road, then this course can help provide you with the safety knowledge required.  Once the course has been completed individual assessment will be carried out and if you reach the required standard then you will receive the nationally recognised certificate in Health and Safety and Risk Management in Winching.

Our Lantra course can be held at any time of the year providing the ground conditions are suitable, and if you are a more experienced operator and complete the experienced operator declaration form then the course will last for just one day.

If you are a novice, then this course will last for two days.

Course sessions

  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Site risk assessment and management
  • Winch types and associated equipment
  • Object to be moved
  • Method of winching
  • Practical winching (including assessment)
  • Review
Winching Course

Course summary

  • Title: Winching
  • Cost: £180+VAT per candidate to include Lantra training, assessment, certificate, and ID card

    Prices may vary depending on location and/or numbers.
  • Duration: 1 day (novice users may require additional time)
  • Pre-requisites: None

Learners will require...

  • Vehicle with fitted winch or hand winch complying with safety regulations in a well-maintained state
  • First aid kit
  • Associated equipment, for example shackles, chains, strops, ropes
  • Overalls
  • Safety boots
  • Suitable clothing for the weather expected
  • Operator's instruction books for own machinery
  • Packed Lunch

This is a Lantra ITA course

This means the training and assessment is carried out during the course by your instructor. You will receive both a certificate of training and an ID card (if you provide a photo!) This method saves time and is usually cheaper although the level of training is identical to Independent Assessment.