Stump Grinders Training Course, Lantra Stump Grinder Training Course, NPORS Stump Grinder Training Course

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Stump Grinders Lantra ITA

This one day Stump Grinder training course will provide you with the appropriate techniques and safety guidelines to ensure that you are aware of relevant health and safety guidelines making sure you stay protected.

Stump grinders are powerful pieces of equipment that remove tree stumps by literally chipping away at them usually with a cutting wheel, these are dangerous tools if not used correctly or with adequate training.

Once you have successfully carried out this course you will receive a certificate of training in Stump Grinders.

Who is it for?

Our training course will suit you if you work in the arboriculture, forestry, horticulture, landscaping or grounds maintenance industries, and you operate a stump grinder.

Our course might take you longer than the one day if you are inexperienced, and therefore require more time to fully understand all the of courses information.

Course content

  • Risk assessment and emergency procedures
  • Health and safety guidelines and legislation
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Pre-use checks and machine safety features
  • Routine checks and maintenance
  • Cutter maintenance
  • Start the machine and carry out safety checks
  • Preparation of site, machine and materials
  • Operation of stump grinder
  • Unblocking stump grinder
  • Re-instatement of excavation and disposal of arisings
  • Clearing, transport and storage
Stump Grinders Course

Course summary

  • Title: Stump Grinders
  • Cost: £215+VAT per person to include Lantra training, assessment, certificate, ID card, and machine hire

    Prices may vary depending on location and/or numbers
  • Duration: 1 day
  • Pre-requisites: None

Learners will require...

  • PPE - steel toecap boots, work gloves, ear & eye protection
  • Packed lunch

This is a Lantra ITA course

This means the training and assessment is carried out during the course by your instructor. You will receive both a certificate of training and an ID card (if you provide a photo!) This method saves time and is usually cheaper although the level of training is identical to Independent Assessment.