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Powered Pole Pruner Lantra ITA

Our Powered Pole Pruner course will provide you with the appropriate techniques and safety guidelines to ensure that you are not only confident when using a powered pole pruner but also aware of relevant health and safety guidelines making sure you stay protected.

Who is it for?

Our Lantra Powered Pole Pruner course is available for you if you work in arboriculture, forestry, horticulture, landscaping or grounds maintenance, and currently use or will be required to use a powered pole pruners.

This course is physical, so you must be fit and able to carry out the tasks required of the course programme.

This is a one day course, however if you are inexperienced the course may take longer in order for you to fully utilise the training available.

Course content

  • Personal protective equipment
  • Safety and health features of a pruning saw
  • Maintenance and sharpening of a pruning saw
  • Fuelling and starting a pruning saw and performing pre-cutting checks
  • Adjusting the engine
  • On site risk assessments
  • Pruning and cutting techniques
  • Removing a trapped saw
  • Clearing the site and pruning saw checks
Powered Pole Pruner Course

Course summary

  • Title: Powered Pole Pruner
  • Cost: 2 days (for novice chainsaw users):

    £315+VAT per person to include Lantra training, assessment, certificate, and ID card

    1 day (for those who already have a qualification in chainsaw maintenance and cross-cutting):

    £180+VAT per person to include Lantra training, assessment, certificate, and ID card

    Prices may vary depending on location and/or numbers
  • Duration: 1 or 2 days
  • Pre-requisites: None

Learners will require...

  • Powered pole pruner complying with safety regulations.
  • Operators' instruction books and service manuals for all machinery.
  • Notebook and pencil.
  • Safety helmet.
  • Ear defenders.
  • Visor or safety goggles.
  • Gloves with close fitting cuffs.
  • Safety boots.
  • Hi-visibility clothing.
  • Fuel in appropriate container for own machine.
  • Tool kit for own machine.
  • Packed Lunch.

This is a Lantra ITA course

This means the training and assessment is carried out during the course by your instructor. You will receive both a certificate of training and an ID card (if you provide a photo!) This method saves time and is usually cheaper although the level of training is identical to Independent Assessment.