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Maintenance, Cross-cutting and Basic Felling (up to 200mm diameter) Lantra ITA

Our combined Chainsaw Maintenance, Cross-cutting and Basic Felling (up to 200mm diameter) training course will provide you with the appropriate techniques and safety guidelines to ensure that you continue to be confident when using a chainsaw and felling trees up to 200mm diameter and that you are aware of the current health and safety guidelines making sure you stay protected.

Our training is delivered by experienced instructors to small groups, this way you receive plenty of individual attention. The course is also supplemented with high-quality course materials, and we work closely with the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) to ensure that our materials reflect current safe working practices.

Who is it for?

If you intend to work in the forestry and/or arboricultural industries and if you only need to fell trees under 200mm in diameter then this course is for you.

This is a four day course, however this may depend on your ability and previous experience.

Course content

  • Chainsaw Maintenance and Cross-cutting
  • HSE legislation and safety guidelines
  • Overview of the chainsaw and maintenance equipment
  • Maintaining the saw chain
  • Maintaining the guide bar
  • Power unit maintenance
  • Starting the chainsaw and pre-cutting tests
  • Cross-cutting timber
  • Chainsaw Basic Felling Techniques (up to 200mm diameter)
  • PreparationFelling techniques
  • Branch removal – snedding and de-limbing
  • Taking down hung-up trees using hand tools
  • Clearing site and chainsaw checks

Chainsaw Maintenance, Cross-cutting, Basic Felling up to 200mm Course

Course summary

  • Title: Chainsaw Maintenance, Cross-cutting, Basic Felling up to 200mm
  • Cost: £595 plus VAT to include Training, Registration & Assessment.

    Prices may vary depending on location and/or numbers.
  • Duration: 4 days training including Assessment
  • Pre-requisites: None

Learners will require...

  • Chainsaws as per HSE guidance
  • PPE
  • Operator's maintenance kit and equipment
  • 2-stroke fuel and saw chain oil
  • Packed lunch

This is a Lantra ITA course

This means the training and assessment is carried out during the course by your instructor. You will receive both a certificate of training and an ID card (if you provide a photo!) This method saves time and is usually cheaper although the level of training is identical to Independent Assessment.