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A to Z Training

July 1st, 2020

A to Z of Morton Training Courses


Abrasive Wheels.

Arm Mounted Flail.

ATV – Sit In.

ATV – Sit Astride.


B + E Car and Trailer Training and Testing.

Basic Tree Survey and Inspection (Lantra).



Chainsaw Training – Aerial Units:

Aerial Cutting of Trees Using Freefall Techniques – Units 308 (CS39).

Aerial Tree Pruning – Unit 307 (CS40).

Aerial Tree Rigging – Unit 309 (CS41).

Basic Tree Climbing and Aerial Rescue – Units 206/306 (CS38).

Chainsaw from a MEWP – Unit 311 (CS47).

Chainsaw Training – Ground Units:

Assisted Fell Operations – Unit 303.

Chainsaw Maintenance and Cross Cutting – Units 202,202 (CS30).

Chainsaw Maintenance, Cross Cutting and Basic Felling (Lantra).

Chainsaw Maintenance, Cross Cutting and Felling up to 380mm – Units 201,202,203 (CS30/CS31).

Chainsaw Refresher – Up to 380mm or Over 380mm (Lantra).

Emergency Treework Operations – Unit 305 (CS50).

Felling and Processing Trees over 380mm – Unit 301 (CS32).

Felling and Processing Trees up to 380mm – Unit 203 (CS31).

Severing Uprooted or Windblown Trees Using a Chainsaw – Unit 302 (CS34/CS35).

Supporting Colleagues Undertaking Off Ground Tree Related Operations – Unit 207 (CS45).

Clearing Saw.



Dump Truck.

Dumper – Forward and Side Tipping (Tracked).

Dumper – Forward and Side Tipping (Wheeled).



Fire Prevention and Response in the Office.

Fire Preventions and Response in the Workplace.

Food Preparation.

Food Safety.

Health and Safety on Farms – LANTRA.

Height Safety.

Litter Picking and Environmental Maintenance – LANTRA.

Manual Handling for Industry.

Manual Handling in the Office.

Professional Wasp and Bee Control – LANTRA.

Responsible and Effective Control of Commensal Rodents – LANTRA.

Rodent Control on Farms – LANTRA.

Safety at Work.

Excavator – Mini Digger/Digger.


Fire Safety Training.

First Aid:

Emergency First Aid at Work.

Emergency First Aid at Work – Driver CPC.

First Aid at Work.

Forestry First Aid.

Fork Lift Truck – Industrial Masted.

Fork Lift Truck – Rough Terrain Telescopic Handler.


Grapple Loader.


Hand Held Hedge Trimmer.

Health, Safety and Environmental Awareness.


Industrial Masted Forklift Truck.




Manual Handling (Driver CPC).

Manual Handling (Safe Lifting Techniques with Problem Solving).

Mini Digger – 360 Exacavator.

Mobile Elevated Work Platform (MEWP).


Pedestrian Mower – Cylinder.

Pedestrian Mower – Rotary and Flail.

Pedestrian Roller.

Pesticides Training:

Field Crop Sprayer – PA2A.

Granule Applicators – PA4G.

Granule Applicators – PA4S.

Japanese Knot Weed.

Knapsack Sprayers – PA6A and PA6AW.

Refresher Training – Safe Use of Pesticides and Knapsack Sprayers.

Rodent Control.

Safe Use of Aluminium Phosphides for Vertebrate Pest Control – PA-AP.

Safe Use of Pesticides – Grandfather Rights.

Safe Use of Pesticides – PA1.

Pole Pruner (Lantra or City & Guilds).

Professional Tree Inspection (Lantra).


Quad – Sit Astride ATV

Quad – Sit In ATV


Remote Control Mower

Ride on Mower – Cylinder.

Ride on Mower – Rotary and Flail.

Roller – Pedestrian or Ride on.

Rough Terrain Telescopic Lift Truck.


Side Arm Flail.

Sit Astride ATV/Quad.

Sit In ATV.




Tailored Courses – To suit your business requirements.

Tractor Driving.

Traffic Management for Community Events.

Traffic Management (including HESA courses).

Transportation of Animals – Short Journeys.

Tree Planting.




Working at Heights Awareness and Risk Assessment (including Ladders).




To book places or for further details, please call 01430 860057 or email info@mortontraining.co.uk

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“I was wondering if you could let our trainer at the last telehandler /Slinger/Signaller training that our installation of Xmas Trees at the hospitals was text book and went like a dream. We could not have undertaken this work without your support and the instructors tutelage. ”
5th November 2019 - Slinger/Signaller and Telehandler

“Excellent course, delivered with knowledge, passion and enthusiam as always by Andrew. Really useful for our needs and was made specific to our sites and requirements. Thank you.”
6th October 2017 - Health and Safety - Agriculture and Horticulture

“An excellent and thorough course. I feel I have learnt a huge amount and have really enjoyed it. Andrew is a fantastic instructor.”
24th August 2017 - Tractor Driving

“Our authority has been using Morton Training for over 20 years now and it has always been an informative and enjoyable experience.”
24th August 2017 - Tractor Driving

“Very well set out course. A lot to take in but, very helpful/supportive.”
21st June 2016 - PA6 Stem Injection

“Really relaxed course very enjoyable and Andrew really nice to get on with.”
20th June 2016 - PA1 Safe Use of Pesticides

“Good clear instruction.”
12th April 2016 - Units 201/202 (CS30 as was)

“An excellent course, well paced and thorough.”
27th August 2015 - Brushcutter

“A very useful course delivered by knowledgeable and engaging tutors. Fab!”
15th May 2014 - Tractor Driving

“Thank you for sorting out a course so quickly and effectively. It's been excellent.”
17th April 2014 - Aerial Tree Pruning (Unit 307)


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