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Copy of Complaints Procedure

October 31st, 2012

Complaints Policy

1 Scope

We are committed to providing a high quality service to all our customers.
Morton Training Limited (referred to as Morton Training throughout this document) views complaints as an opportunity to learn and improve our services to customers as well as an opportunity to put things rights for the person or organisation that has made the complaint.

Morton Trainings aim is to ensure complaints are handled sensitively and speedily to enable us to:

• Demonstrate our commitment to clients and other stakeholders
• Demonstrate our commitment to providing the best possible service
• Help to find out about things that have gone wrong ,so we can fix them
• Help to prevent things going wrong again in the future.

2 Responsibilities

Overall responsibility for this policy and its implementation lies with Morton Training.

3 Policy Principles

Our policy principles are to

• Provide a fair complaints procedure which is clear and easy to use
• Publicise our complaints procedure so that peole know how to contact us
• Make sure everyone at Morton Training knows what to do if a complaint is received
• Make sure all complaints are investigated fairly and in a timely way
• Ensure complaints are,wherever possible,resolved and that relationships are repaired
• Gather information which helps us to improve what we do
All complaint information will be handled confidently

4 Complaints Procedure

Morton Training will not normally investigate complaints which are received more than forty days after the incident.

Complaints must be received in writing within the agreed time frame.

4.1 Complaints received verbally by telephone or in person

The person at Morton Training who receives the complaint should:

• Write down the facts of the complaint
• Take the complainants name, address and telephone number
• Note down the relationship of the complainant to Morton Training
• Tell the complainant that we have a complaints procedure
• Tell the complainant what will happen next and how long it will take
• The initial response will can take up to seven days
• Ask the complainant to send a written account by post or by email

4.2 Practical guidance for handling verbal complaints

• Remain calm and respectful throughout the conversation
• Listen – allow the person to talk about the complaint in their own words
• Don’t debate the facts in the first instance, especially if the person is angry
• Show an interest in what is being said
• Obtain details about the complaint before any personal details
• Ask for clarification wherever necessary
• Show that you understood the complaint by reflecting back what you have noted
• Acknowledge the persons feelings(even if you feel they are being unreasonable )
• ‘if you feel that an apology is deserved then apologise
• Ask the person what they would like done to resolve the issue
• Be clear about what you can do,how long it will take and what it will involve
• Don’t promise things you can’t deliver
• Make sure that the person understands what they have been told

4.3 Complaints by letter or email

Written complaints may be sent to Morton Training.

4.4 Resolving Complaints

In many cases, a complaint that is informal is best resolved by the person responsible for the issue being complained about. If the complaint has been received by that person, they may be able to resolve it swiftly and should do so if possible and appropriate. All complaints are required to be logged by Morton Training whether Informal or formal.

If a complaint cannot be resolved immediately and requires to be formally addressed by Morton Training the complaint process applies.

4.5 Complaints Process

• Step 1 -When a complaint is received, then a letter of acknowledgement will be sent to the complainant within seven working days enclosing a copy of this policy, a contact name and date of expected reply.
• Step 2 – The complaint will then be investigated
• Step 3 – We will write within 30 days of receiving a complaint , confirming our final position – whether the complaint is justified or not the reply to the complainant will describe the action taken to investigate the complaint, the conclusions from the investigation and any action taken as a result of the complaint.

If the complainant feels that the problem has not bee satisfactorily resolved at this stage, they can request that the complaint is reviewed by a different person at Morton Training and the following process applies:

• Step 4 – A letter acknowledging receipt of the complaint will be sent within one week of receiving it
• Step 5 – The complaint will then be investigated
• Step 6 – Write within 20 days of receiving the complaint confirming our final position – whether the complaint is justified or not, the replay to the complainant will describe the action taken to investigate the complaint, the conclusions from the investigation and any action taken as a result of the complaint.
• Step 7 – The decision taken at this stage is final, unless it is appropriate to seek external assistance with resolution
• Step 8 – The complainant will be advised that they have the right to contact the appropriate awarding body and the relevant regulatory body (OFQUAL & SQA Accreditation) Contact details will be provided on request.

5 Monitoring

Complaints are reviewed to identify any trends which may indicate a need to take further action.

This policy is regularly and updated annually or as and when required.

Morton training will consider the impact on others if the complaint is upheld.




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